All registrants must sign up for Volunteer Duties. The Volunteer Duties are listed below.

We rely on volunteers to run all aspects of our playgroup. All our members are required to volunteer for one of the variety of roles that are on offer. The amount of time commitment required depends on the role and how involved you would like to be in the running of the playgroup. For example roles such as Committee member or Day Leader require a lot more time and effort than Party Assistant, but they also give you the opportunity to shape the future of the playgroup and implement your own ideas. At registration, the volunteer roles are assigned on a first come first served basis. Before you come along to registration night it is essential that you understand what the different roles entail and how much time is required on your part to fulfill the different role. To try and give you a better idea you can find detailed descriptions of each role by clicking on the one that interests you. If you would like more information then either CONTACT US  by email or speak to one of the committee at registration night.

Committee Positions



1. Chairperson

• Committed to the work of the RCA and Tiny Tots.

• Willing to organize, lead and attend committee meetings and oversee decisions.

• Supportive of special events and fundraising activities related to Tiny Tots.

• A member in good standing within the RCA.


• Leading the Tiny Tots Committee, maintaining records or minutes for the RCA Secretary and providing information as needed to the RCA Board of Directors regarding Tiny Tot Committee business.

•Creating and managing sub-committees and sub-chairs as required.

• Facilitating a safe and appropriate environment for Tiny Tots and communicating any problems or issues regarding the trailer to the RCA Committee.

• Attending RCA meetings and serving as liaison with the RCA Board of Directors and ensuring appropriate and ongoing communication between the Board and Tiny Tots parents/caregivers.

• Communicating any unresolved issues to the RCA Executive so that a resolution may be facilitated.

• Providing annual financial reports as prepared by the Tiny Tots Treasurer to the RCA Treasurer at the March 31st year end for inclusion in the financial statements of the RCA.

• Attending the RCA Annual General Meetings.

• Working with each committee member to ensure his/her area of responsibility is managed.

• Managing changes in operations and key processes to ensure a smooth transition.

• Responding to questions and concerns raised by Tiny Tots members.

• Coordinating key communication both internally within Tiny Tots, and externally.

• Serving as email contact for members and new inquiries via the Tiny Tots email address and website.

• Fostering and maintaining relationships with other organizations/groups.

• Assisting the Tiny Tots Treasurer in approving member’s expenses.

• Reviewing Tiny Tots handbook and any other relevant documents to ensure accuracy and compliance and auctioning any changes as required.

2. Volunteer Coordinator

• Works with the Registrar to maintain a current list of volunteers throughout the year.

• Send email reminders to volunteers 2 weeks prior to each event

• Updating volunteer list following each event in discussion with the Events Coordinator.

• Reporting to Tiny Tots Committee on status of Volunteers, changes to positions, and any concerns.

• Ensuring that as many of the positions as possible are filled, asking for further volunteers as required.

• Answering questions about the volunteer position requirements, or guiding the person to someone who has previously held the position.

• Working with Event Coordinator to determine the number of volunteers positions required for events throughout the year.

• Advising the Committee of any changes or improvements required to volunteer descriptions and working with the Communications Coordinator to update the Handbook.



3. Registrar

Registrar oversees all aspects of registration and membership information.

The primary responsibilities of this role include:

• Informing existing and potential Tiny Tots parents/caregivers of upcoming Registration Night

• Coordinate Registration Night

• Providing access to registration forms to potential parents/caregivers through

– Email forms

– Online forms via Tiny Tots website

• Collecting all registration forms.

• Maintain Master Spreadsheet of members contact details, volunteer commitments, as well as sign in sheets. Inform the Volunteer Coordinator if any members leave or apply to join

• Maintain emergency contact folder

• Ensuring that the registration requirements are followed.

• Working with the Communications Coordinator to advertise  Registration Night including but not limited to the following means:

– Distributing emails to all current Tiny Tots parents/caregivers,

– Arrange for the RCA Communications Director to notify all RCA members via the RCA database

– Prepare and submit information to Renfrew Reflections community newsletter in time for publication in the June/July and August/September


– Arrange for the Communications Coordinator to update the Tiny Tots wesbite.

• Confirming parents/caregivers RCA memberships with the RCA Director of Volunteers and Memberships.

• Coordinating with Committee Chairperson, Volunteer Coordinator and Treasurer to ensure a smooth integration for new parents/caregivers.

• Keeping attendance records and reporting on attendance numbers to the RCA Board of Directors.


4. Communications Director

The Communications Director keeps Tiny Tots parents/caregivers informed of important dates and events for the duration of the Tiny Tots year. The primary responsibilities of this role include:

• Providing graphics (posters, etc.) for events and everyday signage as required

• Posting of posters and signage as required in various locations around the community.

• Preparing emails as required for sending to parents/caregivers.

• If a registrant requests that an email be sent to the group on their behalf, it can be printed and posted on one of the Tiny Tots bulletin boards after approval of the Communications Coordinator, if it is believed to be of general interest to the Tiny Tots member. These postings should be informative and of general interest, but not solicitous in nature.

• Managing, maintaining and updating information to be placed on the Tiny Tots website.

• Relaying information regarding upcoming Tiny Tots events to the parents/caregivers.

• Preparing submissions to the Renfrew Reflections community newsletter.


5. Toy Cleaning

The Toy Cleaning Coordinator oversees the maintenance and hygiene of the Tiny Tots toy collection. The primary responsibilities of this role include:

• Arranging cleaning sessions for toys. There should be a minimum of 5 cleaning sessions a year with additional sessions arranged at the Toy Stewards discretion.

• The sessions should be timed as follows:

– one in September, between Registration Night and start-up

– one midway between start-up and Christmas

– one early in the New Year

– one midway between New Year and Easter

– one between Easter and Year End

– Dates will be determined during the year for when the majority of the toy cleaning assistants can make it

• Check for broken toys and determine whether they can be fixed. If not they should be disposed of and liaise with the Committee to arrange replacements if necessary.

• Buying new toys (as deemed appropriate by the Committee) and passing receipts onto the Treasurer.




6. Event Coordinator
  • Plans events and parties for Tiny Tots to attend (i.e. Halloween party, Christmas party, etc.)
  • Meets with volunteer before each party to discuss roles and what needs to be done
  • Contact volunteers with help from the volunteer coordinator 2 weeks prior to the meeting/event
  • Work with volunteer coordinator to make sure volunteers are fulling their duties
  • Working with Volunteer Coordinator to determine the number of volunteers positions required for events throughout the year.
  • May be asked to write a blurb for the Renfrew Reflections or help the communications director with party information


Non-Committee Positions




Day Leaders


The Day Leader will be in charge of the playgroup operations for that day of the week. The primary responsibilities of this role include:

  • Arriving prior to 9:30 am
  • Opening and unlocking the doors.
  • Ensure trailer is set up
  • Signing in Tiny Tots & Parents as they arrive on the sign-up sheet
  • Ensuring that previous day’s Day Leader duties are fulfilled (i.e. toys are put away, room is left in a clean state, garbage is emptied if required)
  • At end of day wipe tables, clean floor empty garbage

In emergency situations only, please contact one of the Co-Chairs to make arrangements for someone to cover you.

If you are unable to attend on your day, please contact your back-up day leaders to make arrangements for coverage. 

It is VERY important that the day leaders are signing everyone in instead of people checking in themselves. In the past we have had people attend that are not registered with the RCA and we need that to have liability coverage. 



Back Up Day Leader

The Back Up Day Leader position requires you to fulfill all the day leader roles (See Day Leader Tab)

You will be contacted by any of the other day leaders to fill in when someone cannot make a certain day due to illness, appointments, etc.


Toy Cleaning Assistant

The primary responsibilities of this role include:

  • Attend toy cleaning evenings which take place a minimum of 5 times throughout the year
  • A minimum commitment of 2 hours is required for each cleaning session.
  • The Toy Cleaning Coordinator will be in contact with you to schedule dates. Usually takes place around 7 pm every other month from Sept. till June



Sales Committee

The primary responsibilities of this role include:

Committee Positions include:

  • Chairperson
  • Advertising – Online
  • Advertising – Print
  • Vendor & Volunteer Coordinator
  • Financial Coordinator
  • Charity Donation Coordinator
  • Set-Up Manager
  • Data Entry Coordinator

Assistance with sale planning, which requires meeting attendance (1- 3 meetings in the evening starting in January)

For more information please email rca-tinytots@hotmail.com



Sale Assistant

The primary responsibilities of this role include:

  • Providing assistance the evening before the sale, on the sale day. Duties may include set-up, hanging posters, directing guests, answering questions, manning a sale table, cashier, clean up, and light cleaning.
  • Shifts for the sale will be decided closer to the sale date in April


Party Assistant


The primary responsibilities of this role include:
• Choose any 2 of the following parties that you wish to volunteer for:

+ Halloween
+ Christmas
+ Easter
+ End of Year
+ RCA Stampede Breakfast

  • Attend start-up meeting for each party. Typically volunteers will receive a reminder about the party together with an invite to the meeting 2 weeks prior to the event. The meeting will amongst other things involve assigning party roles and ensuring that everyone knows what their role entails.
    • Set up party room; this is generally done the evening prior to the party.
    • On the day of the party arrive at the predetermined time prior to start time to set up the game that you have been assigned.
    • Stay at the game you are assigned & assist children with playing the game.
    • Distribute prizes to children as required.
    • Ensure at end of the party that all games & pieces are returned to their proper location.
    • Clean up after party